#170 – rental

Here's a close-up of Eve's license, courtesy of the original print of Octopus Pie book 3.

13 thoughts on “#170 – rental

  1. I love that Hanna thinks Party City is the authentic shit.

  2. Eve is 5' 2"??? My God, everyone in OP is short!

  3. Man…I'm three years older than Eve.

    1. Heh. I'm ten! One of the reasons I loved OP so much is because of how well Ms Gran captured the feeling that time of my life, even if my post-college life was very different (a career in medicine rather than the Granola Gulag) but still feeling every bit as lost as a person.

      1. At my age, the characters in OP are living the life of the people I regarded as "kids" post-marriage. My life at the age of the characters here was care-free, but kind of depressingly lonely most of the time.

  4. I was born the same year as Eve, but a few months later.

    Also, Hanna's "I had to get the authentic shit" and Will eyeballing the contents of the Party City bag in the next panel cracks me up every time.

  5. How old is eve at the end?

  6. Eve is exactly one week older than I am! Makes a lot of sense that so much of the comic resonated with me for so long!

  7. So doing some math, Eve was 24 at the time this page went live. And assuming the comic happened in realtime, she was 33 when it ended. Which also means Hanna was 33 since they were in class together at one point.

    It’s so nice to finally have an age to put on these characters! (because I secretly compare where I am in life to where these fictional characters are. Which so far is almost 1:1)

  8. How old eve is at the end?

  9. I am a year and 8 days older than Eve.

  10. If Eve was only 5'2", how come the clothing store had no jacket large enough to fit her?

    1. Because fashion is RIDICULOUS.

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