#166 – brick wall

9 thoughts on “#166 – brick wall

  1. lmao, nearest brick wall is about the most useful destination ever

  2. Holy shit, I just realized that Eve in panel 4 has almost the exact same expression as Calvin in one of the early C&H strips where he tries a cigarette. All that's missing are Eve's feet comically lifting six inches off the ground with the force of the coughs.

    I'm guessing this is more coincidence than homage, but it was still cool to find.

    1. Omigosh, he DID? I had no idea… and here I thought my brother had the entire collection of C&H…

    2. I am almost positive that didn't happen.

      1. Yep, here's the link!
        preview so you know it's safe 🙂

        1. I stand corrected, that most certainly did happen. 😛

    3. I thought you were talking about Cyanide and Happiness. I have officially forgotten my comic roots.

    4. I too have that strip, on the Essential Calvin and Hobbes, I think. It's funny when I was young, but I'm sure now most papers wouldn't allow such a joke.

  3. What *I* wanna see is their reaction… XD

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