#161 – give up

Park comes off as a straight up conniving villain here! I like to think this whole storyline made tropes of the whole cast, from which they easily reverted afterwards.

11 thoughts on “#161 – give up

  1. Oh, right, this is the first time we *saw* Park being a huge dick.

  2. Looking back at this scene makes me really dislike Park from the get-go.

  3. I think I'd actually prefer if these came less often, if it meant always getting your commentary on the pages

    1. Agreed. Also maybe would give you more time to go over your thought process, plans for the plot, character development, etc? As it is we're just getting a MST3K-like one-liner per strip. I mean, yes, complaining about free content and all, but I feel an opportunity is being missed?

      1. It\’s a good suggestion but I don\’t know how much more time I can dedicate to reruns at this point. As the poster above said, I do fill in the missed ones when it happens! But these days I\’ve got a baby and sitting with my thoughts it a real luxury, haha. I\’ll try to write more robust commentary here and there, but it\’s not something I can really plan for or promise.

    2. Check again ;). I think she's committed to filling backlogs when they happen

  4. Always a delight to see Park engage in some low-key sociopathic isolation techniques.

  5. Park is the absolute worst.

  6. Well, that's just not sporting.

  7. This was the specific moment I turned on park. 1000% more manipulative than Hannah ever was.

  8. Yeah, of course, and you're the boss of what Eve wants are ya? Why not have this conversation in front of her?

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