#156 – sorry, kiddo

13 thoughts on “#156 – sorry, kiddo

  1. wat

    1. Sean doesn't like the nerds because his dad ignored him for…nerd activities.

  2. This is some poignant shit right here.

    1. Hannah ( not fucking

      this is how i'm to respond to all great works of art now! thanks!

  3. Pure genius!

  4. Jeez. OSHA's gonna have a field day with this place.

  5. Well hot damn.

  6. And he had an over-controlling mom who wouldn't let him watch saturday morning TV.

  7. I literally burst out laughing at this. This is genius.

  8. Faaaather!

    1. Me and no one else


      …Sorry, couldn't resist ^_^

  9. And the cat's in the cradle, man. And that silver spoon, damn. 😉

  10. *gasp* His father was a NERD!

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