#156 – sorry, kiddo

Here's a falling panel that works! This page continues to be very popular. Going to a convention in cosplay used to seem a little more strange maybe. Now it's just Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “#156 – sorry, kiddo

  1. wow, a life summed up in two panels, we are but two panels

  2. Thanks to Puget Sean, I no longer watch anime. My doctor says I've added a decade to my lifespan.

  3. Hey, I know this is a throwaway joke but for me its been one of the most absurd visuals in OP… like some dad nerd in… 1990? that goes to a con in cosplay but doesnt involve his son. this kinda shit makes me spin endless headcanon about Puget's homelife.

  4. I always try to highlight the differences between Octopus Pie and Scott Pilgrim, but on the other hand, holy cats does this scene bring to mind the bit where Todd Ingram has a random mental breakdown at the battle of Honest Ed's with traumatic flashbacks to his daddy being mean to him. 😀

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