#153 – criminy

10 thoughts on “#153 – criminy

  1. I don't know if I've ever gotten stoned and asked a cop a question…'bout the closest thing I've gotten to that was walked into a 7/11 and forgot what I went in there for

  2. Man, now I want to get stoned and watch Buffy.

  3. See, I would have made them play a game of D&D, or at least like Catan or Peurto Rico.

  4. This is so strange, I feel like two sides of my personality are dueling

    any other nerd-stoners in the house?

    1. *raises his hand*

      *passes you a joint with his other hand, then uses it to turn to page 135 of his 3.5e DMG – "Wealth by Character Level"*


  5. Childish pride FTW!

  6. Whoever wins, it'll be hilarious for us!

  7. I’m not one to advocate taking all the safety out of simulated danger, but that Thro-Kil™ technology sounds pretty cool!

  8. Funny. Was recently at a laser tag site (really fun game, although sadly without any "thro-kil" tech ^^), and the employee could tell us everything about how the weapons worked, what kind of "laser" was used, how hits were recognized, etc.

  9. This whole arc is hilarious to me because where I live the stoners and the nerds have been one big clique since high school

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