#147 – at war

7 thoughts on “#147 – at war

  1. "Stoners are "owners"." lol i hate when people verbally say the "p" in "pwnage". if your gunna say the p, at least pronounce it "pawn-age", making use of the wordplay involved.

    1. I hate it when people spell "ownage" with a "p" and get mad when people pronounce it correctly lol

    2. Wordplay? It was never about wordplay, it was just a common typo that turned into slang. Notice that 'p' and 'o' are right next to each other? Yeah. Keep the 'o' long, folks.

    3. I hate it when people combine grammar rules with headcanon into this nerdy elitist crevice.

  2. Oh God Greg reminds me of me so much oh God.

  3. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. boom. nerd team!

  4. What happens if you love smoking pot WHILE you're playing DnD… or video games… etc…

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