#145 – it is on

"Eight my balls" is just an example of how out of control the early pun work was.

4 thoughts on “#145 – it is on

  1. Fascinating. Early examples here both of Hanna's control-freak disposition, and of Puget Sean's interest in Hanna.

  2. I feel like this really changes how I view Park in some ways. I really hate the character as the comic goes on, but I realize here how his dislike of Hannah seems kind of justified.

    Hannah and her friends really were dicks to Eve. As someone who also had "angry poor kid" syndrome that Park has (And Will seems to have as well), I get why it was hard for him to ever really dig Hannah.

  3. Eves line in the seventh panel really foreshadowed her later conflict with marigold well.

  4. Don’t forget: Share a dream? Move the fuck out and couch surf while searching for a new place.

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