#144 – concern and resentment

I feel like I kind of stole Sean's monologue from a Mr. Show sketch where the black leader of the KKK performs racism against the slacker class. It's maybe one of my favorites ever - the whole slacker episode, really - and it creeps into your mind and sits there forever.

9 thoughts on “#144 – concern and resentment

  1. Slacker Klansman, coming soon to a theater near you.

  2. In many ways this foreshadows what happens to Marek and Hanna.

    1. In what way? Besides the vague dark clouds a'brewing?

      1. One stoner-nerd breakup foreshadows all others?

  3. Is the guy she’s talking about the one we see later in the photo collage?

  4. Were nerds and stoners still that much at odds this far into the 21st century? I feel like most nerds are also stoners by this point.

    1. I remember back in the short-lived OP forum the term "stonerd" being self-applied by several.

  5. I think Hannah might be projecting onto all the nerds her feelings about Park, who exemplifies a particular type of nerd: driven, status-obsessed, ambitious, straitlaced, contemptuous of outsiders, following the rules, believing the Dream, buying the hype, drinking the corporate-ladder kool-aid… Some nerds are like that, sure, but most are not.

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