#142 – still here

I always thought of OP's characters as a little bit cuddly. There's a soft layer over everything, unburdened by bones. So logically it would be really nice when they hug.

6 thoughts on “#142 – still here

  1. logically… sure

  2. Sort of like… Octopuses! (okay, octopods).

  3. Octohugs are the best hugs

  4. i'm so glad for those rare instances of dot eyes in this comic

  5. Not to be very “I always hated him” but park always rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe that was Meredith’s intention. Maybe it was because I knew Will was her one true love and she just needed to chill out and kiss him already.

  6. Hey, don't be so negative! Sometimes a nice comment is just that: an insincere way to regain someone's trust in order to actually make it hurt when you start dealing the snide. 😛

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