#141 – awkward half-hug

26 thoughts on “#141 – awkward half-hug

  1. ….LOL… damn, that reminds me of your t-shirt… I want it so hard…

  2. Holy hell, that's amazing! Some time ago, before I was reading octo pie, in one of my stupid moods, I searched 'Awkward half-hug' on google images and found this. I thought it was funny but didn't get into the comic, as at that time the only thing I would read was xkcd…which eventually took me to QC, which brought me here! Serious deja fucking vu, man. For some reason, this has made me very happy.

    1. That is the same story as me, XKCD, QC, then this

  3. My friends are all totally like this!

    So am I!

  4. No way! I was about to write the SAME EXACT comment as 'Almost Literally.' Like, word for word, that was my comment.

  5. I know the awkward half-hug too well! The awkward half-handshake is even more awkward because handshakes are awkward as it is.

  6. You know who love half-hugs? Christians love half-hugs. Seriously. Go to any church, and if you introduce yourself to enough people, someone will want to give you a half-hug.

    1. True dat.

    2. It's true, we call it the pastor hug in my family.

      Don't even try to give them full hugs they will hold you out at half an arm's length with a hand on your shoulder, while patting you on the back with the other hand.

      Its really fun to watch actually.

  7. I just pull people into a handshake the most energetic way I can. Should that be too rude, I thrust my chin up and lean in for one of those "I'm a hair dresser" cheek kisses.

  8. Me, I go for the awkward back-pat of someone older than I. Odd, but I can't think of anything else. Problem with the hair dresser kisses is that they smell of cheap perfume. Or drugs.

  9. @Carvin

    I can't speak for all christians, but at my church full-hugs of the opposite sex were discouraged on the grounds that "ZOMG you are touching them with your breasts"

    At least, that's how it was explained to me in an hour-long girls only meeting of the youth group to explain the new and firmly held "half-hugs only" policy, which every girl who had developed breasts during the year was expected to submit to.


  10. ahhhhh, the nerdsss. it's like I've seen my long lost relatives.


  12. I love how they cheer for the awkward half-hug.

  13. LOL I was laughing so hard at this comic, i just had to post a comment. I'm half-hug proof. Maybe it's just my urge to hug or the usual difference in height. Yeaah….it's probably the last one..

  14. These are the WORST.

  15. Hee hee, reminds me of Johnny Wander.

    I can give no higher compliment.

    1. awkward social situations (something on purpose) and abnormal acknowledgement of said situations (sometimes verbal).

      plus they're both asian. easy parallels here.

  16. i want to hang out with these guys

  17. I recently went from a rather stand-off ish place (morally and socially protestant) to this flamboyant hippy lets all love each other place, and I was socially introvert AT MY OLD HOME.
    Suffice it to say, I have skillz in making hugs awkward.

  18. How is it possible that this comic can win so fucking much?!?!

  19. I love the last panel!

  20. Meredith is amazing. This early on you can already subtly see Greg kinda always had a thing for Eve. Panel 5 and 6.

  21. ahahaha that made me laugh out loud, thankfully my wife's at work and my toddler is in another room so no one witnessed it xD

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