#141 – awkward half-hug

At some point there may have been some genuine humanity in the idea of something being "awkward", before it was a stylistic memo for Geico commercials and stuff. I probably would've made this contact a little more dynamic now - maybe they'd be reaching over to each other, with a fire hydrant in between.

6 thoughts on “#141 – awkward half-hug

  1. Oh, it's painfully awkward enough as is. Especially because it's PARK.

  2. I had this T-shirt 🙂

  3. You can tell so early on that Greg has feelings for Eve! It’s so subtle I never noticed before. I love this comic 🙂

  4. Oof, are the subtle reactions and winces of Greg concerning Eve and Park ever so painful but brilliant character building.

    1. I never wanted eve to be with Greg but he sure was right about park.

  5. Awkwardness is the mortar which binds the bricks which build the foundations of our relationships, nay, our very lives

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