#140 – park

7 thoughts on “#140 – park

  1. heehee, it obviously is, at least to her… suddenly workin on her hair…

  2. Wow. I just got that her name is Eve Ning. Like, evening. I feel slow.

    Awesome comic btw. 😀

    1. For the record, if I didn't read your comment, I wouldn't have caught that.


      1. same here, I speak many tongues, but Pun is not one of them.

  3. Yesss!! Fellow Losties!!

  4. So I just read the comic posted June 15, 2016, and yeah, even back in this story Greg gives Eve a forlorn look every time she fawns over Park, which I never picked up on before.

    Dude, awesome backstory depth, Ms. Gran.

    1. Yay, light spoilers!

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