#137 – souffle

As some have pointed out, Eff Nocka is a character created by Ian J., the clever dude more recently behind Steven Universe, OK KO and Craig of the Creek. At the time Eff starred in a web series called nockFORCE. There's something so fun to me about a group of idiots who are extremely good at one thing. In this instance Hanna takes pride in serving her friends top-notch grub. Same though.

10 thoughts on “#137 – souffle

  1. Marigold was so simple then! It’s amazing how much you fleshed her out from her humble beginning as a stereotype! Did you know what was ahead when you drew this?

  2. I only now realized that Marigold is knitting in the sixth panel. I presumed in the past that she was carving soap, perhaps in part from the dialogue.

    1. What if she's knitting soap? She could just be that good.

  3. I love how we just got out of the story line about how Eve feels trapped by identity in world where status is defined by having "weird quirks", and now there's this little parade of characters who are arguably similarly defined–but who will reveal themselves to be much more complex as Eve gets to know them better.

    Except Eff-Nocka. Presumably he moves away at the end of the chapter.

  4. Ian works on Craig of the Creek? News to me!

  5. So begins the motif of Mar's mystical abilities. Literally one of my favorite through-lines in the comic is Marigold's prophetic dreams and recreational divination practices being inserted casually into the comic and never addressed. She's just…….. like that.

  6. 100% didn't recognise Marigold before the name drop or remembered that she started as a stoner sideckick. Her's is the most impressive arc in OP.

  7. Since this strip is basically the exact same format as http://www.octopuspie.com/2018-05-17/060-meet-my-… I always read it with a vague surprise that it actually introduces recurring characters, one of them quite major!

  8. The name "Puget Sean" still cracks me up.

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