#135 – nerds

11 thoughts on “#135 – nerds

  1. I LOVE Hanna's expression at the end.

  2. I LOVe this entire strip! Marek hiding in the beginning, then jumping out at the end, their excitement about Eve's nerdy friends, and Eve in general. Panel eight is epic. I can't even think of a sentence to describe her expression, yet I totally understand it.

  3. Also – I LOVE the fact that I'm stupid. I didn't know the first post was me. Sorry for the redundancy!

  4. Aw, 3 whole posts to yourself two months apart. 🙂

    You're right. This strip is perfect.

  5. Are they supposed to look like ghosts? Cause it's kinda eerie. But this is brilliant.

  6. Pft, nobody's ever that excited to see ME.

  7. kyle, maybe you should be an asian nerd!

    1. The nerd part's easy…

  8. d'awww, she's blushing!

  9. lets face the truth– were ALL nerds XD

  10. How do you really quantify 'nerd' today? It's not like 30 years ago, when the litmus was a pocket protector, intimate knowledge of D&D, and masking tape to hold the bridge of your glasses together. With the prevalence of computers and electronic gaming, I think most of us are nerds- just in varying degrees.

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