#129 – shakedown

I'm a shy person, and I wrote this sequence at a time in my life when a lot of social interactions felt like a rehearsal, professional and non-professional. Like I was building a repertoire of ways to be. If only I'd had reaction GIFs.

4 thoughts on “#129 – shakedown

  1. I'm surprised the pairing of drumstick coat/hoodie/whatever with pet parakeet hasn't resulted in a flock of flighty comments.

  2. I'm still in that phase in my life! Thank goodness for reaction gifs!

  3. Who cares about reactions? If I made comics, WP would censor them. Now, I must go eat an entire large pizza but continue to be skinny and look like I'm in my 20s, because other people suck.

  4. Man, Eve was really judgemental.

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