#121 – stupid question

In the interest of talking about things other than the changing times, this page was once annotated to be more like Ctrl Alt Del and thereby find a broader audience. Credit (I believe!!) goes to Digital War.

18 thoughts on “#121 – stupid question

  1. wow. that makes it so very terrible and lifeless. this "critique" appears to be made by someone who doesn't understand comics.

    … which kinda explains drivel like Crtl Alt Del.

  2. I appreciate all of the helpful notes, but the original provides so much more nuance and expressiveness that is lost on the other version. The other one seems so bland and lifeless in comparison.

  3. "Is she shrinking?"

    The 4-panel CAD Octopus Pie is so cringey! I'm glad you actually make comics.
    It's been interesting to see how you react to older stripes, thinking how to rearrange and present these older stories.

  4. Ohh nooooooo!!! I’m almost too horrified by the alternate version to even laugh at it!!

  5. Honestly, I think Ctrl Alt Delete method wouldn't have worked for this series. The visuals of OP are so important to the portrayal of the story that changing them to being static in the way that was exemplified would have lessened the impact of the characterizations.

    For example, having dialogue instead of the solo reaction from Hannah when will asks she was quiting eliminates the humor from the moment. It's easy to say "What of course not" but it's more impactful having that look of "really."

    Your work screams of the best qualities of visual storytelling, which is something that just got better as the series went onwards.

    That's not to demerit Ctrl Alt Del or any topical gag strips. They offer their own thing that a lot of people (including myself) love.

    As a lifelong OP fan… thank you for making the extra touches. They really do make a whole lot of difference. 🙂

  6. Everyone pouts, but Will's jumbo eyebrows make Eve coin this expression as "the eyebrow thing".

    The last time it showed up was also the first time— when Eve rejected him for lying about the drugstuff. He probably didn't expect fallout from Hanna, though, of all people. Considering he doesn't even *know* anyone in the stoner group yet, this is a pretty big moment for him.

  7. This could have been
    I II
    II I_

  8. Their version is so boring.

  9. It looks like this particular Octopus Pie strip has been…


  10. I don't agree the beat panel of Will's reaction should have been cut.

    It shows he thought Hanna and him has a friendship, not just a business relationship.

  11. What _does_ "you look like a cat I know" mean?

  12. Woof! Ha! Thank you for not making a four panel comic. 🙂

  13. Ugh. Yes, please help me homogenise my strip and suck all life, individuality and joy out of it.

  14. That reboot didn't mention videogames ONCE. Who's gonna read that bullshit? 2 stars.

  15. You guys realize the Crtl-Alt-Delete edit is satire right? It's giving props to Meredith for her layout choices and natural dialogue while poking fun at Ctrl-Alt-Delete's homogeneous style and four-panel-layout. Different strokes for different folks people, it's all in good fun.

  16. (Hey everyone, the CTRL-ALT-DEL rewrite is a joke)

  17. I thank this strip for introducing me to Battles. Because of this video of Meredith drawing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeKWsf1UzEg

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