#120 – urban mercenary

MySpace photos! It's hard to believe selfies were once kind of hard to take?

8 thoughts on “#120 – urban mercenary

  1. This comic is my fucking favourite. It's like, understated. You don't shove the joke in our faces, it's just fucking snarky and hilarious.

  2. all of her photos in the gallery are of her showing her vag. that's why there's the joke about "flashing society a pretty big tip".

  3. That's her entire shtick, having photos of her crotch taken "accidentally" http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-10-17/060-meet-my-

  4. Was she girl who 'accidentally' photographed her pussy in lot of different places? If so, that's probably still this.
    As for why is she doing this?
    Fame I guess

  5. this whole gallery exhibit is devoted to her flashing in her selfies 🙂 she's just being incredibly consistent

  6. I think it's because it's part of her art gallery installation, all of the photos she's displaying are her flashing the camera, so she's recreating it with her pic with Eve. 🙂

  7. All of her photos involve her flashing the camera–you can see other examples in the gallery, strategically obscured by characters and word balloons. This strip from a few stories back strongly suggests that upskirt selfies are her main gimmick as an artist.

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