#118 – crazy bird lady

Leading up to the birth of my son, I didn't know how the cat would react. A couple of months in, she frequently tries to put her ass on his head while I'm feeding him. It's not that I love my cat less these days, I'm just a little closer to Hanna in wondering how the little jerk would taste.

5 thoughts on “#118 – crazy bird lady

  1. Man, reading OP through the years and arriving to the final arcs, in my mind Hanna went from a gleeful, free spirit to a resentful, bitter jerk. Through the reread, I'm noticing that she was always this way, more or less.

    She was not free, merely carefree, neglectful of her personal growth (when not outright hostile to it) and prone to taking things not only for-granted but as if /owed/ to her for no reason. Once the uplifting tentpoles in her life–which she hardly ever did much to deserve, maintain or appreciate–finally toppled over, the facade of facile felicity came down crashing as well.

    1. I don't think I agree with the part about her being a bad girlfriend or whatever, but "facade of facile felicity" is pretty great regardless.

      1. Not trying to say that she was a bad girlfriend. I'm sure she was fun to be around, affectionate and she certainly never used her grumpier moods on Marek, AFAIR. But she was always selfish and headstrong and I struggle to remember her ever doing something for Marek that didn't benefit or gave a thrill to herself.

        I'll take the praise, though 😀

  2. Is this the first mention in comic of Marek's crush on Björk? I think it is.

  3. Cats presenting their butts to a human means they feel safe around that human.

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