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2 thoughts on “#11

  1. Hi, Meredith. Kinda random that I’m commenting on this post specifically, but I noticed that there weren’t any comments and wanted to leave one.

    I started reading Octopus Pie about 14 or 15 years ago, I must have been about 12 years old. I loved your comic so much (and still do). With the naivete of a kid, I always fantasized about how cool it must be to be in my 20s, to be a hipster amongst hipsters and to live a life full of passion and drama – kinda silly dreams. I fell off reading OP in about 2012, and didn’t return to it until 2018, maybe a year or so after the main run ended. That’s how I found out about Fire Eye’d Boy by BSS (now one of my all-time favorite song), and how I got a sense of closure about all my favorite characters.

    I’m 27 now. I found out about the two epilogue stories about a week ago, read them both, reread the whole main run here on the site, and now I’m rereading the epilogues for good measure.

    Being in your 20s is such a weird time, and I don’t know if I have much else to say besides thanks for presenting such a brutally honest and tender depiction of me, my friends, and the whole basement-full-of-buddies experience of being a confused 20-something. I’ve been reading this comic since I was a kid. I got to live through some of the stories you told, and I’m only realizing it now. Your storytelling is providing me with a lot of solace now that I’m Marigold getting a big girl job, now that I’m Will and Eve falling into domestic bliss with someone whom I love deeply, and now that I’m still sometimes Hanna taking a vacation day to get stoned af and smash my head through a painting.

    Thank you for making something so beautiful. I know I really needed it.


    1. Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

      I’m glad Luke left this comment. I’m in my mid-20s, and only just discovered Octopus Pie. Watching 10 years pass by over a couple days really was a magical experience.

      I’m aromantic, and my job keeps me consistently at home, so it was really quite nice to see these depictions of the highs and lows of 20s life, as someone who rarely experiences them.
      You did such a fantastic job expressing love and heartbreak, it made me both jealous and grateful that I do not feel such sensations. Meanwhile your illustrations of friendship helped me remember the connections I’ve been neglecting, and to not ignore the necessity of companionship.

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