#102 – pain

Again I'm mildly irritated by my layout choices here, to make Eve the same size in both panels 5 & 6. In a dynamic action scene that stiffens things up, IMO. I do like the high contrast though.

5 thoughts on “#102 – pain

  1. You’re too hard on yourself Mer. That snapping branch compliments Eve’s swing so damn well, I can feel the laceration form on my own head.

  2. Panel 4 was made into a wallpaper once upon a time

  3. I think it works, it helps convey direct action, and having moments of stillness followed by lots of energy makes the energy feel that much stronger.

  4. Mor in the last panel looks like he's not just thinking "I have created a monster". This is more of an Oppenhemer moment.

  5. I love Eve's look of pure gleeful psycopathy in panel 6.

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