#1012-1014 – hold the baby

Again, I had so many ideas that needed to be said in so little time, so I went for two of them. We knew a long time ago that Mar wanted to be such a fucking mom, and with the two women going through this vetting process toward a future together, it had to come up. The part I decided I needed to emphasize was Jane being fully thrown for a loop by this new frontier, even as she chooses to move forward. In the time we see their relationship progress, they face an escalating series of negotiations, ones that Hanna and Marek never quite made it through. This is where we leave them.

8 thoughts on “#1012-1014 – hold the baby

  1. I love the "Jane is a weeb" continuity

    1. Double twist: the kid is actually named after Steven Universe

  2. Along about panel 12 is where many of us non-Dad males get this crazy fear that the baby will just separate into two.

    I had that concern when my first nephew was born. He is now out of college. The fear is still there!

  3. This is tied with every other Jane/Marigold interaction for my favorite Jane/Marigold interaction … 😀

  4. Ugh it’s so fucking good, Mer.

    It’s so good. It was so satisfying.

    Thx again.

  5. Wow, everyone violates Mar's consent…..

  6. I think of this meme every time I hear Sepiroth's name:

  7. It's too bad Grimes and whatshisface raised the bar with impossible to pronounce keyboard soup baby names. You know, aside from being too bad for their kids. But these days if you prank people by telling them your kid's name is xXSephirothGOKUXx it would hardly raise an eyebrow I think.

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