#100 – no reason

11 thoughts on “#100 – no reason

  1. Oh bejeezus, is the yelling guy…? Yes I think it is… Could be just my perception, but is that Olly? Oh god, that'd be funny if it was.

  2. Hmm, kind of looks like it could be a younger Olly. I have had so many moments like this in my childhood. XD

  3. Flash memories of my past come rushing into me right now.
    … Was my father asian?

  4. It's the etymology of little Eve's phrase!

  5. Whoa. That seems like me as a kid.


    "The bad guy from batman?"

  6. I read 100 pages in 2 days 🙂
    Great characters at first sight,
    bravo !

    1. whoa, me too!

    2. serious? I just read from #1 to here in about two hours. x3

  7. I certainly won't read every comment, there are spoilers D:

  8. what's going on with the spelling in this strip? "a person who mean. for no reason." and "your mom have plenty reason."

    1. Eve's father, clearly being 1st gen Asian, probably retained his accent.

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