#085 – the annoyances of everest ning

12 thoughts on “#085 – the annoyances of everest ning

  1. You should do more comics like this.

    Like, a whole story line in thiskind of format.

  2. Oh ho! Well played, good madam!

  3. The dog in the corner looks like the one from her ad! Clever!

  4. that kick is the fukken shit

  5. Whoa, the surprised little dog…the outfits…the dialogue…Meredith really knows her Edwardian Era comics.

  6. Hannah smoking in public at that time would have been the equivalent of taking off her shirt.

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  7. I always loved those old fashioned boots that women wore.

  8. Is this based on /The Outbursts of C. Everett True/?

  9. I will never not love this.

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