#085 – the annoyances of everest ning

This comic hit at the exact boiling point of mid-00s hipster irony and the internet's love affair with The Outbursts of Everett True, a comic strip from the early 1900s about a large man's battle with everyday annoyances. It seems that today the battle has been won - but at what cost?!

8 thoughts on “#085 – the annoyances of everest ning

  1. Wow, this is fantastic. Even if you didn’t know about Everett True, it’s got the spirit of early 1900s comics down. Except for the whole letting women be the protagonists thing.

  2. I did not know about this thing.

    The comic on the Wikipedia article has Everett True belaboring a creeper who stands on a windy corner where the ladies' skirts are blown about so he can ogle their…um…ankles.

    No, really, there's a little dotted line from the leering voyeur's eye to a lady's barely-exposed ankle. This was apparently an issue at the time. I hadn't really grasped how accurate the jokes about Victorian ankle porn were.

    1. I assumed the person was looking in the reflection of the puddle she was walking over personally, but those ankles are awfully tempting

  3. I think my favorite of the Everett True strips is the one where he leers at a pair of manspreaders to get them to make enough space for an elderly lady to sit down. Still highly relevant today.

  4. Hey I remember copying the first panel of this comic for practice. Brings me back.

  5. remember when octopus pie predicted macklemore?

    1. I thought Macklemore was being sincere this whole time.

  6. Love the old-time The Fukken Shit dog popping up in the second panel.

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