#084 – favorite sweater

I really couldn't delight enough in how sad Eve is. Still, a moment of victory? Mostly?

2 thoughts on “#084 – favorite sweater

  1. The way I see it better to be alone than in a relationship that's not working. I don't know maybe other people have different millage.

    1. That was the realisation that kick started me into better relationships, in the end. Stopped staying for the sake of it (stopped being a less than charming boyfriend, too),spent plenty of time alone, built a happy single life, and then when a good relationship came around, I knew it was worth it because I was happy to give up most of my single life to form a life together.

      This is why OP is genius for me, it encapsulates that tricky final part of growing u0 perfectly for a plethora of characters whilst staying true to both the characters and their relationships.

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