#083 – borough trash

9 thoughts on “#083 – borough trash

  1. Ha, is it just me or does 'borough trash' slightly resemble Marigold? It's probably just coincidence.

    1. From QC?…. If so than no. Not at all XD

      1. no, from later in this comic. And I think it is her.

        1. I dunno that Hanna would refer to Marigold as "borough-trash," I mean, haven't they been friends for years?

  2. Yeah but that's my thoughts too, it fits but it doesn't, Hannah *did* set Wil and Marigold up, but if Marigold and Hannah met in college Chemistry, then Marigold shouldn't still be in NYU unless she's taking like a gagillion more courses (for her soap making skillz?) And the dreads? I dunno, what do you guys think?

  3. Whoa wait. What happened in between this and the last episode?

    1. She found out he’s a drug dealer… she does not approve.

  4. Oh, I guess the NYU girl wasn't Marigold after all. womp.

  5. “setting him up with this NYU girl”

    Good lords that’s a clever callback to a vague comment.

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