#083 – borough trash

"Borough trash" is meant to be a play on "Euro trash". Again, I was listening to a lot of Brazilian Girls.

4 thoughts on “#083 – borough trash

  1. Kinda on Eve's side here. I mean, it's a fair dealbreaker for her to have. Hanna, at least, would have known that Eve would have a huge problem with it, but she did her best to set them up anyway. As for Will…I have to think that he deliberately avoided talking about work while on their date, and really, how long WAS he going to wait? I think he really was hoping she'd get invested and then be willing to overlook it…not that he thought she'd genuinely be fine with it. Not very honest behavior.

  2. I remember at the time this came out I was casually dating a dealer and I was really unsympathetic to eve doing this. Current me is slightly more so.

  3. "Fuck you guys" is my favorite line in the whole run of the comic.

  4. It’s the girl from NYU! Hanna wasn’t trying to set them up on a date, she was getting a new client!

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