#054 – glug

When I drew this story I was freelancing full-time as an animator, and drawing comics in the evenings. I had almost no social life, slept way too little, and drank a ton of Red Bull. My heart would make weird feelings and I'd ignore them. So really, the "Fukken Shit" dog came from the exact kind of exhaustion I was fictionalizing. Lightning in a tall can.

6 thoughts on “#054 – glug

  1. Laughed so much the first time I saw that dog.

  2. Bring back the t shirt!

  3. People who just keep DMing you. Olly is the worst.

  4. Huh, I had forgotten Olly had a wife, did that come up again?

    1. [SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!] We see her once or twice, I believe… but I think part of Olly's later breakdowns speaks of an untold divorce.

  5. Manuel in panel 6 glaring at Olly through the computer for rejecting obvious genius.

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