#045 – gasp

People still get confused by this one. In modern internet lingo this would be called a "basic bitch starter pack". It's okay if you like the Decemberists, though, really. It's fine.

12 thoughts on “#045 – gasp

  1. Tried to read Dan Brown once. Stopped quickly. Washed hands?

  2. The only song I know of by The Decemberists is "O, Valencia!"

    1. Appropriate, as Eve looks like she's about to burn this whole city down.

  3. That Livestrong bracelet hasn't aged well.

  4. This is a perfect time capsule and I will hear no criticism

  5. I…I kind of like the Decemberists.

    I'm okay casting scorn on Dan Brown and Lance Armstrong, though!

    1. and all the scorn for Yankees fans, of course.

    1. these are all pretty old my dude…

  6. Aaah live strong bracelets.

  7. For some reason even though that's obviously one of Dan Brown's books I always mentally mistook that as Michael Shaara's book "The Killer Angels" which anyway fits with The Decemberist's t-shirt to paint her as a sort of semi-intellectual but still extremely basic b-word.

  8. I can't remember ever liking the decemberists much, but I listened to them a lot. My older sister's friend loaded them on my iPod in 2005, which OBVIOUSLY meant they had a certain cultural value . . .

    Thinking back on it, their music still sounds both twee and uncomfortable, but that friend of my sister's may be a basic bitch.

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