#042 – surf ave

17 thoughts on “#042 – surf ave

  1. Kobayashi?

    Whats that mean?

    1. Takeru Kobayashi, competitive eating champ. There's a Kobayashi shirt for sale in the TopatoCo store too.

  2. the Kobayashi Maru!!

    1. My thoughts exactly. Big Trekkie here

  3. My first thought was Kobayashi Koichi.

  4. is Kobayashi supposed to be Masaki Kobayashi? if so, I love you.

  5. that building looks like the space needle, but she's in seattle? wat

  6. in new york I mean, obviously

    1. That isn't the space needle, and that's not what the space needle looks like.

      What IT IS is the Parachute Jump, an old amusement ride that was built in 1939. Then moved to where it stands now on Coney Island

      1. It actually looks…a lot like the space needle. So yeah.

  7. Would love to get a print of that last panel, like a 5×7" very good contrast

  8. My 1st thought of Kobayashi is the lawyer in usual suspects

  9. I thought it mean the baseball player.

  10. I’m not sure if I should feel like an uneducated swine or an over user of pop culture references but I’m a tiny bit happy to know I’m not the only one who thought of Kobayashi from the 1995 cult classic The Usual Suspect
    (Looking at you, Ouzo)

  11. I assume that's the eater not the starship …

  12. Have the comments been wiped or was nobody commenting in 2007?

    1. i think the site overwent some kind of redesign which also caused the comment section to reset.

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