#042 – surf ave

I lived in Sunset Park when I drew this strip; it wasn't too far from Coney Island, so I'd go down solo a lot. Before Thor Equities bought up most of the area and put in a Wahlburger's, the boardwalk had gotten pretty ragged. It was a perfect spot for lonely contemplation of your friend's boobs.

5 thoughts on “#042 – surf ave

  1. If it makes you feel any better that Wahlburgers closed down?

    1. it does, in fact!

  2. Eight years later, Kobayashi's usurped by Mega Toad:

  3. I think this page was when I fell in love with this comic.

  4. I love her "bleh" face in panel 2. It may be the best "bleh" face ever.

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