#041 – no judgments

12 thoughts on “#041 – no judgments

  1. So what does t.r.loling stand for?

    1. T.R.LOL'ing : A mixture of TRL (the mtv show) and LOL (laughing out loud)

  2. t.r.roiling is the author of the lord of the rings triliogy

    his name appears to be being used as a euphamism for t.r.i.p-ing out

    a positive experiance for a unhappy drug user in need of a "trip"

  3. I thought j.r.r tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings.

  4. This is Marek in action. If everyone knew a Marek, the world would be free of our aggravations.

  5. hehehe… they get off on 42nd street. Am I the only one who noticed this?

  6. I suspect i'ts j.k. rowling

  7. Dude… Can I make a signature with that? "Everybody judges. Except for ducks, who seek only bread"? It is SO epic!

  8. That duck thing is true. People can learn a lot from quacks.

  9. this chapter makes me very sad :c

  10. richard schumacher

    Marek, the Jedi Master, brings balance to the farce

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