#040 – you guys suck

7 thoughts on “#040 – you guys suck

  1. That duck looks PISSED.

  2. "Hi, I'm a mother that likes to walk around in a tube top, looking like a skank, and I have the audacity to be mad at someone enjoying a nice summer day."

    I hate people like that.

    Just came upon this comic. Good characters!

  3. I actually did not like Hanna up until this comic. I admire her courage and determination to do what she thinks is right. Go Hanna!

  4. I like sluts in tube tops. They should have calmed down and drank a few with the M.I.L.F.

  5. "This is a place for children."
    …because children don't know what breasts look like?

    1. If we don't teach them the female form is shameful and must be kept out of sight while they're young and impressionable, they might never grow up to love the patriarchy!

  6. Wow, even the duck is pissed, lmbo

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