#033 – company at breakfast

7 thoughts on “#033 – company at breakfast

  1. aaa, the ever-telling hickey

  2. eve's face in the last panel

  3. hannas eyes are ridiculous when she said–"you BONED will ?!?"

  4. I've been seeing this for weeks at the comic book store that I frequently visit and I wasn't sure whether or not I should buy it…and now I'm definitely sure. I know I could just read the whole thing online but…Iike having a physical copy of awesome things 🙂

  5. richard schumacher

    … Nope. I just don't get this one. Why does Eve say "HEY!!"?

    1. Because Hanna is acting like Eve never gets laid.

    2. The “HEY!” is because of the “finally got laid properly” comment, which insinuates that Eve never gets laid and that’s the last straw of humiliation for Eve.

      Eve is furious that after all this time of feeling superior to her always-stoned, not-a-care in-the-world “loser” roommate, she finds out she’s the owner of a thriving little business, while Eve has a regular job at a grocery store. Now Eve’s jealous as hell and it’s bringing out an ugly side of her she may not have even known she has..

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