#030 – controlling my destiny

8 thoughts on “#030 – controlling my destiny

  1. I love the picture of them on the subway.

  2. I really do love this strip.

  3. I only just noticed the Dr. Z ad on the subway. Brilliant detail.

  4. Geez – I've only been to NYC twice, and I've already met a speechifying subway guy.

  5. Eve's expression in the last panel is wonderfully Ren 'n Stimpy like. Haven't thought of that show in over a decade, wow

  6. if the first two panels ever were made into a print for a reasonable price, i'd buy it!

  7. Haha! That happens sometimes girl, don't stress.
    It's better than going through with it when you don't want to anymore.

  8. richard schumacher

    Ten-Year Affair

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