#025 – well, duh

6 thoughts on “#025 – well, duh

  1. i love their matching shirts!

  2. that is too ironic for hannah bakeing while baked on her weed too comical

  3. I can not believe I didn't manage to get past the first two pages of this for so long. This is great, and I regret letting it be one of my webcomics I mean to read but don't get around to.

  4. Okay wait, its 2017 and I'm just reading this fir the first time ever, but i totally thought of the bake and bake before seeing this

  5. Yet another thing that I have only just noticed now – 10 years and multiple re-reads later – Marek is wearing a shirt with a question mark on it when he arrives that morning (several strips back) and by the time Eve returns home from work, he's putting on a shirt with an exclamation mark. Amazing.

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