#019 – get out of here

"The mall" in Brooklyn has not improved much as an experience in 10 years. Since the Barclays Center was added to Atlantic Terminal, you now have the option of seeing a Nets game before or after going to fuck yourself.

7 thoughts on “#019 – get out of here

  1. You can tell this is some of Meredith's earlier amateur-ish work because she forgot to make that flag American like a pro would.

    1. too divisive in the Bush age

  2. 6 big box stores welded together, a McDonalds, a Victoria's Secret, and all the sad LIRR riders you can shake a stick at!

    1. There's a DSW under the Target!! I think. Is that new though?

      Shopping in Brooklyn is weird, but at least it's not shopping in Manhattan…

  3. Loved the range of Eve's facial expressions on this one.

  4. It's interesting how after just 19 comics the style is already evolving so much.

  5. Your commentary's neglects King's Plaza. Brooklyn's one and true mall.

    (It's not great)

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