#018 – chandelier

5 thoughts on “#018 – chandelier

  1. I just found this comic, I've read so far as #18 and I'm hooked. Social commentary, perspective drawing and an out of the blue line which cracks me up? This is what comics should be. Good stuff.

  2. "We're like iPods:*

  3. The interesting thing is, this shows that trading away privacy for security puts you at risk of suffering worse insecurity. I wonder what the solution is, then.

    1. Accept that there's no such thing as being safe, stop trying to control everything and make reasonable efforts to figure out what level of risk is worth having in your life. I guess.

    2. *Laughs in future*
      Now we all gave up our privacy with smart phones, cameras everywhere, and we do it for free, and to ourselves. Oh boy.

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