#690 + 691 – it’s so okay

July 28th, 2014

#690 + 691 – it’s so okay

Hey, I’m back from Comic Con! I had a delightful time seeing everyone. Sorry if I was quiet or missing when you came around the booth – I fell victim to a case of Con Crud, and was under the weather most of the weekend. Regardless, I have a lot of great memories and minimal redeye hangover.

The Patreon campaign continues to climb steadily! We’re getting closer to our goal of making Octopus Pie in full color! But there’s still a ways to go – consider pledging if you haven’t!


Discussion (87)¬

  1. Carl R. says:

    About damn time! He he!

  2. mark says:

    I'll fight anyone who say this comic doesn't rule

  3. foop says:



  4. Lazarus says:

    I’m not sure if I want to die laughing or die from surprise.

    Is Eve drunk or just mad horny?

  5. The pounding heart is such a great touch here omg

  6. bryanew710 says:

    What the heck is up with Eve? She's been so…spastic…lately.

  7. cvanide says:

    panel 6 and 8 are so sexy

    also i thought I missed a comic because I didn't anticipate this happening

  8. OMG Eve's backwards mutant horny couch face… Meredith you are a true artiste.

  9. Hahahaha, this was FANTASTIC. Thank you Meredith, OP remains a highly of my literary life.

  10. Yotomoe says:

    Did you know thatwatching Dogs peeing on Coconuts is both Will and Eve's fetish? That was like Foreplay for them.

  11. katiegeewhiz says:

    I want to be happy but Eve is so out of character (for a reason we'll hopefully find out soon….) and Will is cheating….my ship is finally happening and I feel sad and guilty…why did you do this Meredith

    • TomW says:

      Welcome to Octopus Pie, where everything is complicated and cartoons are more real than real life.

    • Beebles says:

      Eve's character has been slowly yet gradually changing as time has gone on, and seeing as the last dude she banged didn't even need to be on a first name basis with her, it's not out of character in my opinion. Eve is a floozy at this point, although I'm sure Meredith has a reason for that. And yes, Will is cheating, although at this point that's not too surprising either because he hasn't really been shown to be too dedicated to anybody he's dated so far in the comic. I agree in that I don't personally like these decisions Will and Eve are making, but then again I'm some guy on the internet, so. You know. I'm not really a factor here.

      • Japong says:

        Will and Aimee aren't in a monogamous relationship.

      • turbo vagina says:

        lol "floozy"

        god forbid a woman in her 20s have some casual sex

      • streever says:

        Yo man. Eve has had some sex, but I don't think you should use the term floozy. Floozy is a sexist term. There isn't a version of it for men, and one could question why it has to exist at all.

        • Beebles says:

          You're right about there not being enough male equivalents. From now on I will refer to sexually promiscuous men as "Blundos" or "Heffis". Evens the playing field a little bit.

          • streever says:

            That actually isn't how it works, though. Judging Eve as a floozy for a single one-night stand is kind of shitty. You're saying that her entire character is defined by a single time she had sex.
            I'm pretty sure you wouldn't refer to a man who had had a one-night stand as a Blundo or Heffi.

            Also, I'm not saying that we need a 'male equivalent'. I'm pointing out that floozy is a judgemental term laden with guilt & shame. Men are celebrated for sexual prowess, women are chastised.

            Seriously, it's not cool.

        • Shade of Blue says:

          In Sicily they have 'apopo' which means he-goat. English can be so strangely inadequate at times.

          • streever says:

            Right, and in Sicily, apopo is pretty much congratulatory. Whereas floozy is shameful.

            It's not actually egalitarian; men are celebrated when we do it with lots of women. Women are shamed for having even a single one-night stand. It's a double standard in almost every culture on Earth.

    • streever says:

      I don't think she is out of character. Eve is complex, she has conflicting desires & ideas. She's decided to 'just go with it' in more things, as she has slowly seen how her friends perfect lives actually have problems & aren't so perfect.

  12. @wr_schuller says:

    Will is so cute! This means so much to him :')

  13. advancecasette says:

    10/10 dialogue and facial expressions

  14. Phasma Felis says:

    Will nooooo, Aimee loves you so much Will ;-;

  15. Nicodemus Jancewicz says:

    This hits so close to home for me!! Argh!!! I love it!!

  16. oceans says:



  17. thom says:

    Anyone confused about Eve's character arc?

    Here you go, strip number 7.

  18. chrisrussodraws says:

    Yes! No! This is confusing!!!

  19. robynravenclaw says:

    It was so great meeting you at the Con! And yay Eve and Will <3

  20. While I was a little thrown by weird bug-eyed eve in panels 9 and 10, I reasoned that it's probably because she's known Will for a pretty long time now, and the whole will-they-won't-they vibe they've shared since forever probably makes her feel okay being a little spastic; like, I don't know, everyone acts goofy round people they've known forever right? This isn't an 'omg be cool what will he *think*' kind of thing
    This makes me happy but also fills me with a sense of foreboding. Think of the Aimee, Will!

  21. soo says:

    as an aimee fan I'm just disappointed.

    • Yammy says:

      As an Aimee fan, I don't care! They aren't monogamous and what they have seems to be petering out anyway! And it's okay for that to happen!

  22. Other Guy says:

    I've been The Other Guy once.
    This is a profoundly feel-bad strip for me.

  23. and only now do I go back and re-read this whole arc, realizing that Will's had that bruise on his face the whole time.


  24. Rei Malebario says:

    I'm confused – Eve is sending mixed messages. What is it that she wants?

  25. woooow says:

    Wow, I don't remember Will and Eve actually having sex.

  26. Other says:

    lol oh man as much as I want them together, they both need stability in their love lives and they're not going to get that with each other right now.

  27. Pieman says:

    Ah, the thumping of the Tell Tale Heart.

  28. Plumberduck says:

    Hooray, Eve!

    Maybe boo a little, Will.

    And honestly, I think part of why Eve has been different in this arc is that the story is being told from Will's point of view. And part of that is because now he's the one obsessively in his head, while Eve is managing to relax a little more.

    • aleksi says:

      Oh come on! "Boo Will"? He looked himself straight in the eye and said "okay"! He passed the final test! If anyone should be booed, it's definitely not Will. No one should be booed for this. This is unbooable.

      Well, I might boo a little at myself for not having the money to buy the original art. 400$, damn.

  29. MrNobody says:

    is it odd that horny eve is the most adorable thing ive seen in the internet?

  30. getsiusmaior says:

    Dammit, Will, you're going to end up hurting both of them…

  31. kamesen says:

    Heh I guess he just didn't have the WILLpower to keep himself from Eve- *is banned forever*

    Ok ok seriously though. When Eve asked 'This ok?' I wanted to sort of cry. I think that's what made Will need to run to the bathroom and stop his head from spinning for a second. And now that he's looked himself in the eye.. I wonder what will happen? They both obviously want to, but.. Is it REALLY ok? "WILL" find out next time! HAH- *is actually banned forever*

  32. Jerr says:

    I don't think this is out of character for Eve at all, she's been goofier lately in general. I like that these scene isn't taking itself too seriously — it seems more realistic than intense stares and other clichéd romance tropes.

  33. Robert says:

    Will's got to look in a mirror to think it over.

  34. Kathleen says:

    Will isn’t cheating on Aimee in the normal way, bc they are in an open relationship.

    It might end up being emotional cheating, bc Will obviously has strong feelings toward Eve.

    And I agree, eve is cartoonish bc we’re in Will’s head rn.

  35. prescott_niles says:

    Obvious model for (Will's perception of) sex-demanding Eve: Cookie Monster

  36. Marvin Choi says:

    awwwwwww yeah time for the happenings

  37. wendyroo says:


  38. BryyMiller says:

    Eve is friggin fantastic in this. So ridiculous.

  39. HateMachine says:

    Dang, Eve, those are some pretty mixed signals there.

  40. Zee says:

    Poor Aimee, she stands no chance against the main character. I kinda knew it was going to swing back to Eve and Will somehow, though. Just the way it was so brief before.

  41. George the Archon says:

    And she even stopped to check for consent.
    Perfect. :)

  42. Izzy says:


  43. becky says:

    I think this is very much eve, she has grown a lot in the last few years, she is no longer the surly hard ass, that's why she called Will in the first place. The reason they didn't work is because their worlds were so opposite, their views so different. Now that she has grown as person, she's not so serious, she more carefree and lives in the moment instead of in her head.
    <3 I love this eve. I love learning and growing with her. Even feeling her embarassing moments like these. <3

    • Agent57 says:

      She’s changed a lot, and I’m not thrown by this like some of the other commenters, but I’m not sure the lightening up is a totally positive thing? Not bad as a general, but there seems to be a desperate or forced or depressed edge to it. I think it’s a reaction to previously solid things around her (Hannah and Marek, the store) breaking apart, so it makes me a little nervous for what it ultimately means for Eve.

  44. Lane says:

    Is that a boner? or are Will's pants just unzipped? or both?

  45. steelbright says:

    I think this could still go both ways. there's plenty of chances for it to be a big dramatic blowout between Eve, Will, friends and Aimee. And there's plenty of chance of it being the kind of thing that ends with a whimper, not a bang. And there's even a chance of the two of them like bein' happy together or whatever….or who am i kidding, this is Octopus Pie. <3 I feel like, if nothing else, it's gotta at least be a long and interesting relationship arc this time, since we never got our Eve & Will fix previously. (Maybe this is only me. hmm.)

    Also, this totally makes sense with Eve's current behavior. When she's accepted a situation, she's usually pretty zany. Comics like this one http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-02-09/639-flawless… …..or especially this one http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-04-14/656-thats-to… (a joke that Eve from the first few arcs would have never, never NEVER made, ever) show her weird, zany, ridiculous side. it's a coping mechanism. and it's working better for her than just plain being pissed all the time.

  46. Mitya says:


  47. Kate says:

    I guess we've established that Aimee and Will are casual/non-monogamous so maybe Aimee won't be too hurt by this, but I've just thought -does Eve know about the thing with Aimee at all at this stage? Or is that going to be a fun surprise for her later on? I know she's a lot more laid back now but this is the kind of thing that can knock you off course somewhat.

  48. foop says:

    I don't want to ruin this miraculous moment, but when did Aimee say she was coming down? Sunday?

    I don't know what day it is as of this comic, but if it's a Saturday night, there might be someone walking in on something in the morning, if not earlier… Aimee did ask Will to go get into trouble..

    or maybe she meant next Sunday. Meh.

  49. cheryl says:

    i think they've both grown as people so much that it's finally okay or time for them to try things out with their new perspectives and abilities to take things as they come. i'm really happy. and they're so truthful, all your characters are such real, well-fleshed-out people. It's really impressive and beautiful to be taking in. thanks for your work.

  50. lola says:

    ohhhhh myyyyy goooddd, this is probably one of my favorite panels of all time

  51. mmkstarr says:

    Panel 10 is magic.

  52. Agent57 says:

    I was under the impression that Aimee was the one who put the non-monagomy in place, and that Will maybe hadn’t even then advantage of it. (Am I way off?) If that is the case it goes past unspoken feelings into somewhat almost intentionally obfuscated feelings I think?

    Certainly Eve’s a special case, but hmm.

    (Haha, WILLful ignorance)