#675 – just a phone call away

June 10th, 2014

#675 – just a phone call away

I had such a great time in Charlottesville! Thanks to Kate & David of Telegraph who hosted the signing, and to everyone who came by. Your town is beautiful, and I enjoyed the barbecue biscuits.

If you missed the signing but live nearby, go check out some of my art in the gallery –┬áthere are new prints as well!


Discussion (36)¬

  1. @newtypelady says:

    It's interesting that the comments last time seemed to think that she was unwilling to leave her party for him but instead she's upstate! Welp.

  2. Josh says:

    Them's is some amusing party doofi.

  3. Rawr INC says:

    Party people mooning the phone caller… I must say I never saw that one IRL ­čśŤ

  4. Yotomoe says:

    Oh man, the old double birdie over the moon. A classic.

  5. kriskid says:

    That is one strange party…

  6. Whappidee Doo Da says:

    The face on that guy is just "here is my butt."

  7. Bert says:

    So who is this Aimee person? Another dealer?

  8. Lane says:

    Oh long distance relationships

  9. Dysonism says:


  10. streever says:

    I like the juxtaposition of Will having just left a party with bro-dudes and Aimee being at a party with bro-dudes.

    I like the last panel; if this were Chris Ware, it'd be full height and placed directly next to the entire comic. (I'm not suggesting that would be better!)

  11. paratactician says:

    It's just occurred to me that Will is a beleaguered but resourceful 'hero' (previous strip), struggling against monsters in a hostile and chaotic environment, while his lady-love is stuck far away in Ithaca besieged by riotous party guests. Maybe he's just one of these guys who keeps accidentally being in epic poems? We've already seen him play Gawain.

    (If this is the case, then I'm holding out for the Williad.)

    • wykstrad says:

      I dunno, I feel like the Wiliad would just be 22 strips of Will moping around refusing to help the other characters because Larry took his pot. Then Hannah puts on his clothes and tries to help, but gets beaten up, and then Will gets angry and beats everyone up and is a real asshole about it, but then someone talks to him and he is slightly less of an asshole about it. And then they bury Victor, because his name is closest to Hector.

  12. pieman says:

    Friends, there to providing distracting support since the year dot.

  13. gka says:


  14. Chris Stuurman says:


    Aimee wants this to be more serious than Will does.

  15. 0alexander says:

    always love seeing my hometown get a mention in my favorite webcomic

  16. soo says:

    I'm still unclear as to whether Aimee still lives in Brooklyn and is just visiting her hometown or if she moved back to Ithica and visits Will every so often…

  17. Myrtle says:

    lololol "BUSHWICK"

  18. Benoit says:

    Anyone else noticing the serious codependency going on in the top right? No judgement, it's just I've been there . . .

  19. Marvin Choi says:

    Aimee seems like a keeper.

  20. Mitya says:

    I wonder what Mer is doing with them characters. Even tho Will and Aimee have been going steadysh (for their sloppy and insincere way of relating) I can't help to envision Will going through some tragic hero stuff and ending up with Eve. They're so opposite in an "opposites attract" sort of way. Will is reckless and irresponsible whilst Eve is insecure and manages to hang in there with maximumum inconspicuousness, everyone thinks she's a warm little spot of stable ground in the world, albeit she's all shaky.

  21. cheryl says:

    Does anyone sort of not want Will to end up with Eve like do we think he is really bad for her in some way?

  22. @qiamify says:

    This comic is unrealistic. There's no way anyone can have a full conversation over that phone that easily at a party!! hahaha

  23. steelbright says:

    I feel like Will and Aimee are kind of hanging in there but not quite right for each other. Like…she's great, but i think she's making this way more about HER and her need to 'be there' for Will than about just cheering him up when he's bummed. (I've totally been that girl, too.) & it's just…not helping.

    Also Eve & Will are like my OTP, so i'm super dee duper biased.

    Kudos to MG for writing characters that are like ourselves and our best friends and we can literally spend whole conversations analyzing them. Wow.

  24. nkh says:

    <3 Aimee.

  25. MerchManDan says:

    Props to Aimee for not being easily distracted.