#668 – playing the tough guy

May 22nd, 2014

#668 – playing the tough guy

What a busy week! Still shipping and signing books around the clock. Did you see that Octopus Pie: DEAD FOREVER is available in the TopatoCo store? You can order your own copy now!


Discussion (33)¬

  1. Aaron says:

    Dang, was it that difficult to just pay for your weed? D:

    • Bryy says:

      This entire time they've been not paying for it. My bet is they still expect to not have to pay for it.

  2. Donnyfightworld says:

    This is how Will deals.

  3. Japong says:

    Will then puts on his cape and cowl and batarangs the whole room.

  4. Donnie says:

    He's going to snark them to death!! 😮 😮 😮

  5. cvanide says:

    ohhhhh, must by a favour for Aimee for her LARPing friends… I hope…

  6. JennyB says:

    This made me grit my teeth to the point where it hurt.

  7. aw geez says:



  8. patatoes says:

    New tactic, beat them emotionally with a speech about how much their lives sucks and make them miserable. That could actually work.

  9. Marvin Choi says:

    C'mon, Will, activate X-factor.

  10. wykstrad says:

    Will's got a point- I mean, how dumb do you have to be to order some drugs and then beat up the dealer while refusing to pay? At this point, they'll be lucky if things go down like the second scene in Pulp Fiction- at least Vincent and Jules killed everyone relatively quickly and painlessly.

    • MHin11225 says:

      My memory is a bit fuzzy on that. Is Will a direct dealer, or is he a delivery guy for a dealer? In which case Will's dealer is in a position to cause some serious casualties. My theory is that Will is going to point that out and extort the hell out of them.

    • HateMachine says:

      Yeah, and it's not even like they're operating under the illusion that Will is a lone dealer they can handle with numbers. They put in an order with his delivery network, so they're aware he's got a network. Not only is his boss not going to take the monetary loss lying down, all his other runners are not going to put up with 'customers' thinking they can beat and rob delivery workers.

      The douche was right a few pages back: it's not like they can involve the cops. But he was wrong about that working in his favor, since they'll just be seeking other avenues for justice.

  11. Gerf says:

    Hmm, it might be a little too much meta thinking, but I believe that the "aggressive package man" deal could be to let less-than-intelligent customers back down and not get their lives wrecked by the bigger dealer. And there is always a bigger dealer.

    Starting a fight might not be smart, but letting every jerk with an attitude just get away with free stuff might make your boss a little ticked. Responding with showing how much ass you're able to kick on your own might be a good middle ground.

    These people didn't seem to get the hint though, so I guess the thunder is going to come down from on high soon.

  12. This is.. badass… Never compromise, not even n the face of certain doom.

  13. Bruno Guedes says:

    Well, he's not the one beating them while they're immobilized by a guy double their size!

  14. kamesen says:

    The fools! They've played right into his hands! Will is in a perfect position to throw another one of these jerks by their ankle!

  15. @darthmiho says:

    Clearly he's using the Liam Garak technique of hand to hand combat. Namely getting several cutting remarks that which no doubt did serious damage to their egos!

  16. jon says:

    The Pummeled Philosopher™

  17. An0n3 says:

    And then Will activates his stand and this comic gets NUTS

  18. Andrew says:

    Either Will is going to go all Oh Dae-su on these guys, or he's leaving without his money. Blech. Nothing like being backed up by a roomful of chumps to make you feel like you've got one up on a guy who you know would kick your ass clear across the state line if you were alone.

    That said, real world math pretty much calculates these dudes all running into serious shit once Will tells his boss what happened. Not sure Octopus Pie is the kind of comic that wants to get into the unfolding repercussions of tangling with drug dealers, but yeah, they're probably fucked.

  19. Kathleen says:

    Do we know for a fact Will has a boss? Or is he an independent contractor?

    • kiwikiwi says:

      Will has mentioned before he has a boss — during the time Marigold wanted to shadow him around, she became disillusioned when he said after 6pm was when his boss wasn't allowed to call him anymore.

  20. Commodore Biggles says:

    Darn tootin'. Here's Will, just trying to conduct Business As Usual, and this gaggle of immature boys decide to play at thuggery.

    If you look carefully, every one of Will's punches was thrown in self-defense.

  21. GalaxySnail says:

    Will, I am speaking from experience. Moral Values, awesome though they are, will NOT pay hospital bills.

  22. Gunther says:

    oh boy, is this going to be the arch where we meet Will's Boss? :O

  23. sev mer says:

    Will is burnt out. He knew what it was like to be in their shoes, ignorant of everything and partying as if tomorrow did not matter. Will grew up and sees how it is.

    Can’t party forever, mang!

  24. someguy says:

    I kind of wanted to see Will beat down a few more dudes. The fight scenes were actually super entertaining to me. He even did a big-swing on the previous page, and hurled that dude into a wall!

  25. Justin Scott says:

    omg 668 pages of HELL YEAH and then the pages just stopped fuck i was so hoping this was a finished webcomic
    i’m super glad that i’ll be able to read this in the future but… le sigh i so want fucking more.