#651 – trying to call for days

March 26th, 2014

#651 – trying to call for days


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  1. Omnithea says:

    At this point it's like slowly bleeding out. You get as much accomplished as you can before all the life leaves through the gaping wound because you're not going to be any good after.

  2. Feiya says:

    Wow that picture of young Hannah on the wall…what big innocent eyes she had!

    • Michelle says:

      I didn't notice that detail originally! And the dog's is there, too (and higher on the wall haha). Omg that dog is great.

  3. PleaseInsertPun says:

    I'm interested in what exact sense is meant by "coming around." At first I thought "accepting the decision," which would be one thing. Many of Hannah's friends would be upset with this. Then I wondered, well, maybe they mean it in a more literal sense, as in Hannah's friends are refusing to engage with her because of this.

    • Bonnie says:

      I think the latter, friend

    • Nikk says:

      I'm assuming coming around to visit, literally. Assuming their parents know their daughter and knowing how she responds to any negative news (ignoring it, running away and/or shutting it out completely, with claws out) they'd know she'd become a recluse. After all, if she knew how cope with bad life events productively, she wouldn't still be clinging to a perpetually drug-altered state to function years after, would she?
      I'm interested to see how this destroys her. Either by accepting life's bad moments or letting it destroy her, Hannah can't keep being the Hannah she is much longer.
      (PS: i love how much OP makes me think.)

    • mmkstarr says:

      I'm actually really surprised all Hannah's friends haven't hunted her down and talked to her yet. I understand they must have things going on in their lives simultaneously and that I may have missed a story arc or two, but isn't their camaraderie during times of stress (think: it's time to move b/c we all had a dream that we should on the same night) what connects them?

    • TRA says:

      I guess Hanna's Mom means: Losing a boyfriend after so many years is probably a big, sad tragedy for Hanna-and how Hanna plans on dealing with that loss, and which friends that she chooses to help her with the loss…well, those plans + choices are all up to Hanna.

  4. Kathleen says:

    What's the decision?

    • Virginia says:

      Hannah decided she liked her life without kids. Marek wanted kids. I think she broke up with him so as not to string him along. This is based on the comic where Marigold passes out on Hannah and Eve's lap after saying she's "gonna be such a mom" and then Hannah tells Eve she doesn't want to be a real grown up or have kids. Irreconcilable differences.

    • Bok says:

      I think the keyword here is "all". Hannah's breakup with Marek, her refusal to change, her obsession with her work and now her shutting out her friends and family; these are all things she's doing completely consciously, and any attempt to break her out of that rut (like Marigold tried) will just result in her being more adamant about staying in it.

  5. Anotherfellow says:

    It's all her decision you know. Ok, so not Marek's I think. Or is Hannah's mom only talking about Hannah not wanting to see/talk to people?

  6. jen says:

    I've been frustrated with eve for most of this story line – given mar and hannah have been tense and could explain her explosive attitude towards her, but now I'm thinking eve has the right idea and is being supportive by giving hannah space rather than feed her bull sht.

  7. cvanide says:

    I love how Hannas mum snaps her fingers as if she needs him to put a trace on the call

  8. Bryy says:

    Wow, that dog is so friggin' oblivious.

  9. Amelia says:

    I vacillate between feeling bad for Hanna and being frustrated with her. Oh, Meredith, you've created wonderfully multidimensional characters, and now it feels like real life and my friend's breakups. Oh dear.

    On an unrelated note, I love that dog so much. Look at that sweet puppy face!

  10. TRA says:

    I was wondering if Hanna was baking more than usual. Sometimes work helps the weary hearts, I Guess.

  11. hatsface says:

    Oh man, how could I forget about that dog

  12. kamesen says:

    I think that 'It's all her decision' applies to Hanna's overall aversion to change. Meanwhile, almost everyone else is taking the next step in their own lives. Inevitably, this lead to Marek and Hanna breaking up, and Hanna's friends growing distant from her. Things are changing in a bad way for her because she herself refused to change. She tried too hard to cling to the way things were, and that only served to make her lose those things faster. I checked back to strip #629. Marek mentioning Hanna's stuff 'really taking off', when compared to this strip, makes a lot of sense. Baking and Eve are all Hanna has left.

  13. Gee says:

    i adore the second panel. the way she snaps for him is so human and perfect. just really on-point detail

  14. Strings says:

    Totally agree, Gee, a prefect touch. I totally remember my mom doing this when my older brother phoned, and I can almost feel her doing it when I call.

  15. blaziken2708 says:

    I didnt'r post it the 1st time I saw it, but I really like that dog and how is drawn :D!