#638 – he already left

January 29th, 2014

#638 – he already left

What is up guys! I’m not really on an update schedule at the moment, but there should be at least 2 OP comics per week for now.


Discussion (19)¬

  1. I love how Eve's eye pops open with such vehemence in panel 5 that it flings back a lock of her bangs.

  2. firstother says:

    Oh Hanna…

  3. Arkadi says:

    Oh damn oh damn. End of an era, truly. And Hanna's a mess. Look at that leg. Augh.

  4. bigfoot says:

    Gonna be a loooong arc, everybody.

  5. Josh says:


    Yes, you do kind of look like a muppet in that panel, Eve.

  6. Alexis says:

    oh god no my heart is already breaking and the story's barely started

    god damn you emotions you are truly the body's worst weakness

  7. bernadette says:

    oh, no.

  8. ChrisZ says:


  9. mekroy says:

    I'm getting some serious end vibes from this arc already.

  10. Marvin Choi says:

    This reminds me of that Pokemon 2.B.A. Master song about evolution.

  11. Robert says:

    I remember what's going on with Hanna's right leg. It's called "mescaline knee."

  12. jax says:

    oh mer this is going to hurt isn't it

  13. Linda says:

    oh no oh no glassy-eyed shaking-leg Hanna is breakin’ my heart already

    yes to everything everyone has said

  14. cvanide says:

    rad new layout
    change all around

  15. Bluejay says:

    brace yourselves, everyone

  16. Laxantes says:

    Great, now my heart's broken.

  17. May says:

    Oh nooooo I'm literally about to cry just thinking about what's coming

  18. Amelia says:

    I can't figure out how to convey my facial expression as I read/view this. Welp, the end is nigh for somebody.