octopus pie – you’re so great

August 16th, 2012

octopus pie – you’re so great

Wow happy August! The summer is just breezing by. As usual I’ve been busy drawing Marceline comics, and I’m now about halfway through the project! I’m also going to be teaching soon, so things are busy. But OP updates will chug along whenever I have some time! Thanks for readin’.


Discussion (5)¬

  1. JackC says:

    Thats sweet. All the feels. When you sober up, and if you still want to, go see him again, Eve.

  2. ubun7u43v3r says:

    Seeing as he was trying to respect her by not taking advantage of her intoxication, he's a good guy that she should definitely give another look.

  3. ilene says:

    Story of life

  4. mmkstarr says:

    Love the bicycle panel. Conveys a real shift in mood.

  5. Druffy Spinkilingus says:

    And this why vibrators were invented.

    Poor Eve. :(