#382 – 12-Floor Walk-up

August 13th, 2010

#382 – 12-Floor Walk-up

Drawing comics like this one in particular makes me very nostalgic. Maybe some of you can relate! Have a great weekend.

Please take a look at the post below for an important update about the book! This would be a very good time for you to pick up your copy if you’ve been putting it off.


Discussion (38)¬

  1. Mariam says:

    ahhh yes, showers in the kitchen. good times on the island.

  2. Close says:

    Dude, I LIVE in one of these apartments. :)

  3. Zach says:

    Oh man, I laughed out loud. Spot on.

  4. Sparly says:

    Jacob's pretty well-versed in plumbing ju-ju.

  5. beedogs says:

    good ol’ window-that-looks-out-to-a-brick-wall.

  6. Plex says:

    Eves' cute gap is back hooray XD

  7. Andrew says:

    No sir I would not like a boiled Marek, thanks.

  8. Simon says:

    Ug, that shower. *shudder*

  9. Mike says:

    I love the apartment's layout, I want to see what living in a similar one is like someday. Also, it's great to see frequent updates again, thanks much 😀

  10. Fish says:

    poor Eve… cute though

  11. AlmostLiterally says:

    Oh gosh. The sink and shower bit. That reminds me of my aunt's house. *Shudder*

  12. Gin says:

    “Nobody look at the sink”

    *snort* hahahahaha

  13. homodachi says:

    Reminds me of the story about the 1896 killer New York heat wave on npr a few days ago.

  14. A says:

    The melting doorknob is a nice touch!

    (that's a melting doorknob, right?)

  15. Higgy says:

    I'm SO happy about all these updates.

    A, no I don't think it's melting it's just one of those door handles that you see on officebuildings and stuff. Not the round knobs but the horizontal handles.

  16. Mr. Kapowies? says:


    I love you I love you I love you and I’d probably stalk you if it wasn’t for the fact that I live very far away. The way yer drawin’ eve, particularly on dem first two, is quite a tad absolutely cuter and more stylized. Will looks like a douche wiz his new beard, but now that I think of it, he was always a douche.

    Love from them evil tropics!

  17. Matt Chaput says:

    Never lived in NY, but this definitely reminds me of the apartments anywhere close to the campus in my old university town.

    “Nobody look at the sink” is pure genius.

  18. Athena says:

    Justin seems like a guy who would walk a bike up 12 flights of stairs everyday and not even think about it.

    Also, hooray for new comics!

  19. Rosscott says:

    This hits a little too close to home.

  20. MerchManDan says:

    $2500 per MONTH for apartments like that?! Somebody please tell me that’s an exaggeration, for clarification.

  21. SevernFelix says:

    Yes, PLEASE say that. I mean, the food can't be THAT good in New York, can it?

  22. Sean says:

    That apartment is horrific and hilarious. It seems impossible that places like that exist…except I've lived in some, in Southern Italy.

    P.S. Two shirtless men in this comic! Me likey.

  23. Taper says:

    Oh, my God, that one ice cube slays me.

  24. Brady says:

    I’m looking for places to live around the city right now and this looks like most of the places that I can afford.

  25. Mayday says:

    Ah, the days we lived in an Atco trailer, and my dad would flush the toilet every time I showered. Sweet memories of boiling alive.

  26. Rustin says:

    Is it me or is there a roach on one of the pillows in the second panel? And yeah, folks, there are lots of places like this in NYC, some of them not even in particularly good areas by normal human standards. Otoh, 24 hr subways and bodegas should be worth *something* right? And yeah, that shower by the kitchen is spot on.

  27. wykstrad says:

    Ah, the legacy of rent-controlled NYC apartments… basically, the landlord has no incentive to fix anything or make it more comfortable, because if the current tenants leave voluntarily, he can convert it into a condo, and charge like 5X the rent, because there's no rent controls on condos in NYC. Is that more or less correct?

  28. SevernFelix says:

    I thought the point of condos was that you sold them outright?

    • Scooter says:

      It is. Through a lease that makes you solely responsible for the rat-sized accommodations with the elephant-sized rent… aimed at students.

      Me, for example.

  29. Macks says:

    oh my god, it's just like my SVA dorm.

  30. microzen says:

    I remember living there! The 1 ice cube is great.

    Right now where I live, while it is a 1700 sq' apt, the water here is only hotter & hottest.

  31. Snivella says:

    Made me remember the episode 1-06 Heat of Hey Arnold!

  32. duo says:

    Is it me or is Justin the unicycle guy?

  33. QLL says:

    I had one of those kind of showers. Not in the kitchen, but if you looked at anything the wrong way it went batshit insane. There were some really scary stuff you had to keep in mind before taking a shower.