#351 – whoa whoa whoa

January 31st, 2010

#351 – whoa whoa whoa


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  1. Damien Walder says:

    Who IS this dude? I thought he might be Manuel, dreaming about being a hipster in Brooklyn (instead of being a cat ~ ). But I'm thinking… not. Victor? Was there a contest to be featured in OP that I missed?

    So many questions, this raises!

  2. wykstrad says:

    "When I tried to tell people about myself, they told me I was boring. So I stopped talking and started listening to people, and became fascinating overnight."

    -Scott Adams

  3. Wiktor says:

    omg, my names Victor. I loved this storyline since the first panel

  4. Will says:

    is that Requiem for a Dream in the first panel?

    if so, why isn't the dude breaking down in tears?

  5. fish1589 says:

    geeze i keep reading this arc over and over and it gets better and better!!

    She wasn't even sure what his name is!!!

  6. Kaz says:

    That is probably my favorite Hanna face ever, there in panel 6. And that's a hard thing to decide on!

  7. Conniving1 says:

    Ha I would feel so horrible watching Requiem and smoking

  8. Brandon says:

    honus honus?