#294 – weedman

May 27th, 2009

#294 – weedman

Man, it got chilly again on the east! …That’s all I got today.


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  1. Rezmason says:

    Will touches so many lives…

  2. Scott Bieser says:

    Maaaaaaaan…. A response like that would trigger my paranoia/teleportation reflex.

  3. BG says:

    Is this a variation of "superman/batman"? Lol, oh Will, your reputation precedes you.

  4. BG says:

    ok, ok, thought of it: The last panel makes me think of the theme song for Ghostbusters… as in, "Who you gonna call… for your weed fix? — WEED MAN."

  5. Lily says:

    Ha! this just totally made my day :)

  6. Rob S. says:

    He's a cannabusiness professional.

  7. Jake says:

    Dopeman dopeman's got the upperhand

    People wanna get as much as they can

    Because those reasons they'll always stay the same

    And for some people it's the only way to stay sane

  8. Scott says:

    Awww man. This makes me feel all fuzzy

  9. Another Jenn says:

    I wish that was how people greeted me when I got to work.

  10. Jess says:

    Will is….so hot.

  11. Allen says:

    I think it should be a new trend, drug dealers dressing in business suits. Would certainly change the stereotype of the slacker hippie selling weed, would even professionalize it.

    Hell it would even help it get legal by making it look more legitimate. Would you vote to allow pot dealers if they looked like a professional? I sure would!

    • radishey says:

      Nah, it'd be like being a used car salesman. The smarter you look, the shiftier you are.

    • I think colombian cocaine smuggling kingpins dress in suits and stuff. So does the mafia.

      So, um, no, would not lend an air of respectability to pot dealers.

    • Omega says:

      @Allen – You may have a point tho… note that people who smoke large cigars are usually high class dudes in suits (there's even a type of jacket dedicated to smoking). Nevertheless, these high class dudes have kept tobacco from being outlawed so far. Perhaps the same could be worked for weed?

      And besides — suits are just classy!

    • Chris L says:

      If I was a dealer, I'd prefer the stereotypes, as long it was still illegal. That way, dressing nice = camouflage.

  12. Paul1963 says:

    Boy, that's great.

    I was kinda worried that Will was going to get robbed or worse by the "bad dude on the right" in Monday's strip.

  13. Trypno01 says:

    Best superhero ever

    • Fareed says:

      You know your picture basically means "No peace allowed", right? The Nazi swastika was twisted, yours is a symbol for peace.


      • guy heroine says:

        that's mildly pedantic, i think anybody who knows that would also understand it clearly as a symbol representing "anti-racism".

        not to start another offtopic discussion on an internet message board. damn it look what you made me do.

      • Trypno01 says:


        I agree with Guy Heroine. I know the Swastika was originally the FireWheel from India and represented peace, however most people now days would consider the Swastika as a representation of racism considering the Neo-Naizs still flaunt the symbol. Thus a crossed out swastika is understood to represent anti-racism.

        • potato says:

          Well, to be unnecessarily specific, the Nazi swastika is rotated 45 degrees (resembling a diamond shape rather than a square). Such a shame, though, that it only took one man to ruin an ancient symbol and a perfectly good moustache.

  14. radishey says:


  15. h says:

    very good stuff.

  16. Inara says:

    Best. Office. Ever.

  17. aviatorfox says:


  18. Allama says:

    This is easily my favorite comic thus far! Thanks for making my day.

    It does make me yearn for Will to visit the cubicle farm where I work, though.

  19. oh man says:

    this was a fantastic page, i love it

  20. Ron says:

    I think I just scared the hell out of my neighbors with my over-sized horse laugh over that last panel.

  21. David Waltergart says:

    What's with all the haters? I can respect the smarts of anyone who knows NOT to dress in an obvious fashion when the situation calls for camoflage.

    Weed is a ridiculous casualty in the "war" on illicit substances. Name ONE person killed by cannabis use for any TEN people killed by alcohol and _then_ we can talk damages done. Until that evidence is compelling, Booze is the legal but more villainous substance.

    Anyway, back to other drugs -I can relate to the scene – I had a great gig as a bike messenger delivering fresh-roasted coffee to creative offices (full of folks who ran on the stuff) and they lit up when I arrived (I smelled of roast for the whole day).

    I was "The Bean Biker" – I kid you not. Love this page!!!

    • Ron says:

      That is full of awesome.

    • Allen says:

      To Mr. Waltergart concerning the lethality of weed.

      Now, while I don't disagree with you, taking up the mantle of 'Devil's Advocate' one would say that the reason that weed is not as lethal as the more legal alcohol is because weed is NOT legal and as easily obtained.

      Of course we know why alcohol is legal while weed isn't, there aren't any big weed lobbyists trying to bribe politicians. Of course, now-a-days there are more, and as such we see an increase of legislation meant to decrease the illegality of the product.

      And don't even get me started on the swastika and how horribly ironic it is that it means peace, is crossed out, and that is in fact the MESSAGE of the racist organizations (that if their race were completely in power there would be peace). I'm simply not going to do it!

  22. Angela says:

    Will looks so darling when he smiles!

    And quite dashing in that suit, too.

    I love Merigold. I hope she can get out of that lousy job and take on the role as Weed-man's side-kick. . . .


    …wait. That's not weed.

  23. Randall Drew says:

    Every girl crazy bout' a sharp dressed man!

    Comic has been awful grey for a while, so happy to see a character in solid black, dominating a panel, page, balancing things well.

  24. ladymercury says:

    The fourth panel made me go "Aww.."

    Will is one charming man. Hope this one works out for him.

  25. Dartigen says:

    Well, if anything, he at least looks vaguely normal in the city.

    (where I live, the ratio of suited people:unsuited people at noon in the CBD is 100000:20. I swear people change into suits just for the city.)

  26. MerchManDan says:

    For some reason, I find it interesting that Will is the only person smiling (or, at least not frowning) in the elevator.

    I am an odd person.

  27. le'cactus! says:

    LOL! in so many ways, this reminds me of my social studies curriculum. My teacher once talked about why the government hates weed so much, the reason being –> they can't tax it. THEREFORE, the government should legalize weed and place a tax on it which would prevent gang leaders from getting so much power and status. PLUS, it would sort of save our economy. :DD

  28. Miranda says:

    Hehe, reminds me of my boyfriend, right down to the stubble. He's a big fan of suits and could quite easily be known as "Weed Man". 😉

  29. Julie says:

    Panel 4 is cute, but Will’s expression in panel 5 KILLS me.

  30. Pyrofyr says:

    This comic…. it's perfect now.

  31. Rango says:

    This strip reminded me of a story a former colleague told me about when she started her first job in NYC in the late 70’s/ early 80’s. The office that she was working in used to take money out of her pay packet to go into the weed fund. Her tales of NYC in those days make it sound like total anarchy.

  32. David Waltergart says:

    Oooh, it's like a forum, kind of!

    I'd like to respond to Allen's diabolical advocacy:

    The prohibition on cannabis and its derivatives descends from the same politically turbulent time as the prohibition on Alcohol (why did those 20's roar? Industrialism, Booze and Drugs, of course!).

    Given that we allow drinking (the excesses of which kill), driving ("~") and sex ("~") above certain ages in North America, it's unlikely the lethality of weed that keeps it from the friendly side of the law books. It's class warfare, latent racism (weed was painted as a drug of for "coloureds" – jazz-era -, and ultra-right politicians have simply learned since then not to argue openly on matters of race).

    But look at the camoflage on Will – pseudo-corporate; the scruff makes him look like a creative type in the middle of a campaign for a cellphone provider, the case no doubt full of flash drives and printouts. And he looks safe.

    Mind you, Mer, I think I prefer the argument you make and the way you make it (not that I assume we agree) to threadjacking.

    But I appreciate the argument Allen's raised.

    I merely think the war on soft drugs is yet another war the USA doesn't need, unless the only growth industry is to be prisons.

  33. NekoNeko says:

    Oh man… there's some nights at the ER that would be much improved by a pot delivery man.

    Just saying…

  34. dottianne says:

    I know we know, but I just wanted to say I really liked this. From panels four to seven, we got a peek at Will looking like an honest working office-dude. But you know, it doesn't last.

  35. JayZeroSnake says:

    With his mighty suitcase of weed….

    …He Delivered….

    ….Bring On the Orange Juice!

  36. katrivera says:

    Now whenever I see someone in a suit i'll think that they sell weed lol