#274 – pickled surprise bars

April 6th, 2009

#274 – pickled surprise bars

Emerald City was amazing! Thanks for coming by, everyone! For those who pre-ordered book 3: expect to hear from me soon. (and not just ’cause I want to say hi)

For all you Portlanders and nearby west-coasters, I have an exciting announcement. There will be a Book Release Party on April 16th for Octopus Pie Vol. 3 in Portland, OR at Floating World Comics!

I figured this particular drawing would be appropriate for comicdom’s beloved rainy town. I hope to see some of you there! I will of course be doing free signings, and will have a few of the other 2 volumes in tow as well.

For all those in the rest of the world, Book 3 will be for sale and shipping online on Hanna’s favorite day: April 20th. See you then!


Discussion (18)¬

  1. Matt says:

    What a coincidence! Hannah and I have the -same favorite day-.

  2. reynard61 says:

    "Hanna’s favorite day: April 20th."

    Wow! That's my birthday!

  3. David says:

    I absolutely love that second to last panel! Brilliant!

  4. Sodapopp says:

    Hey that's my birthday too!

    I knew being born on 420 would make me feel cool one day.

  5. 😀 This comic in particular reminds me of FLCL… Like how the story can go from somewhat serious to ridiculously silly. This a particularly silly arc in Octopus Pie…and I LOVE it!

  6. David Waltergart says:

    I am sure to adopt "Danger has 4 tiny wheels!" and use it within a fortnight as a choice bit of wit.

    What evil genius hath its wrath wrought with glue sticks uncapped?

  7. srawr42 says:

    Panel 7? Priceless. =)

  8. Disco Duck says:

    argh! I missed your booth ?! man a sketch from you in my notebook would have been so cool!

  9. betterforsome says:

    Panel two could be a shirt. Just put "Danger has four tiny wheels" above it

  10. F.R. says:

    Can someone explain the rules of this game? 😛

    • Day says:

      Well there are two teams of shoppers and they answer some questions and if I recall correctly the correct answers to those questions by the shopping teams time for the real event: They tear through a supermarket and collect items for fabulous crash prizes. I don't know if they get to keep the food though.

      Also, there is this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermarket_Sweep

      It was a ridiculous concept for a game show, but really, it's one of the funnest and coolest ever. Mostly because every child is expected to grow out of the urge to tear through a supermarket and that is the very object of the game.

  11. ararrrrawr says:

    I was expecting to hear a 'crunch' in the third panel. Heh heh.

  12. Randall Drew says:

    "OH SNAPPLE!" made me LOL…then facepalm. Eve sneaking through the shelves was brilliant.

  13. Qwil man says:

    Who's that dude in the fifth panel hiding in the shelves?

  14. DougTheHead says:

    @ Qwil man: that's Eve, taking Spirelli's Precious Fragrance Packets out of his cart.

    And I love how, even in the authoritarian position of Event Announcer, Julie's neediness comes through in her dialogue in the last two panels. "It's okay if everyone just ignores my bonus prize… *sniff* …I'll just go home and cry very quietly, no need for you to worry."

  15. Dan says:

    OH NOES!! Spirelli has abducted Pac-Man!!

  16. fishboy says:

    Oh man, that second to last panel is awesome. I'd have it on a tshirt if you're ever considering new designs…

  17. FH495 says:

    Oh wow. I had to comment on this because of that 120 week old comparison to FLCL. I thought I was the ONLY one who was reminded of it by this strip. For some reason or another (maybe even because of her look) Hanna has ALWAYS reminded me of Haruko. I even imagine Hanna with pink hair, even knowing that it's blonde. It's probably the crazy was she acts though too.