#265 – unsaleable

March 2nd, 2009

#265 – unsaleable

Oh Olly, you are such a sad man.

I spent a better part of this weekend putting together the covers for Octopus Pie book 3, which means it’s almost ready! A few things about this book:

-it’ll be 104 pages
-it will contain 4 storylines – Tag, Renaissance Unfair, Dumbo, and Interview
-I will most likely be taking pre-orders this time around, to help offset the printing costs. The pre-order period won’t start, though, until all files have gone to print. So if you get on the pre-order wagon, the wait won’t be more than a couple of weeks.

More details soon. With any luck this puppy will be ready by the end of March!


Discussion (25)¬

  1. ScottBieser says:

    The problem with having a take-charge personality is you wind up being in charge.

  2. renaissancegrrl says:

    I do believe I spy the box to a delectable little Japanese treat in panel one–the little chocolate mushrooms with cookie stems. Mmmm.

  3. kateri says:

    So… where does Eve's… lollimush? go between panels 2 and 7?

    • YAOMTC says:

      She took it out in panel 2, then… Maybe threw it away? Somewhere during panels 3 or 4, unless she switched the hand it was in before panel 5, in which case she would've had to get rid of it sometime before panel 8.


  4. LQ says:

    My father would probably buy some (OK, a lot) of that stuff. He loves trying weird foods. Spent a day in Oaxaca seeking worms to eat (since no self-respecting Mexican actually eats them), taking a bunch of other Gringo-men with him. And when we went to China…

    You just need to market that stuff to middle-aged, white, male yuppie demographic.

  5. Bitbeard says:

    I love those slightly phallic chocolate little treats.

  6. Michael says:

    Ha! The look on Eve's face!

  7. David Waltergart says:

    With Scots/German family, none of this stuff seems that odd (well, the snake ice cream, maybe). But I think Ollie could do what the Chinese herb vendors do – promote the "invigorating" and "potency-enhancing" properties associated with these things, and BAM! Men in their 30's-50's will be scooping it up.

    Wanted to ask about what kinda natural supplements Ollie's Organix would stock – all the NatFüd joints I've seen in the U.S. stock a hodge-podge of food and nutraceuticals. C'mon, doesn't Ollie stock vegan creatine and protein powders? That's the ticket; same demographic.

    What's with the comment section changing stripes again?

    • meredith says:

      People were having difficulty signing up, so I disabled mandatory registration. sorry for all the changes! Someday we'll settle on something ideal. <:

      • David Waltergart says:

        That's cool, I had to copy the alpha numeric password I was given (couldn't figure out how to change it) and paste it from my desktop every time. I like this more. I promise not to swear or be a hater.

  8. Moo2u says:

    Congratulations. This stripe caused me to laugh out loud in a snooty coffee shop. Now I look such the fool.

  9. SO awesome. I'm still adjusting to this not pink comic business, though!

  10. David Waltergart says:

    Shiitake Brown – it's what Ollie would have ordered!

  11. KittasaurusRex says:

    @kateri It's behind her face in panel five. At that moment she remembers she has it, and devours it in the next panel while she is "off-camera."

  12. gideon h says:

    you should make it green for st. patricks day

  13. Zapatos says:

    Pre-Orders for Book3? I am getting on that wagon, for sure.

    My Mom made fun of me for showing off my signed and sketched books. She laughed even harder when I said they were a birthday present. She stopped laughing (at me) when I made her read them.

    You are loved by American Dwelling Canadians!

  14. David Waltergart says:

    And by Canadians residing in Canada, too!

  15. Mr. B says:

    Bam! caught up in just aout three hours from start to finish. Instantly fell in love, And nice to see you returning to digital!

    Anyways! just to say I will be at the U.K. webcomix thing, too!

    Mine any my pals first time, so we really are brickin' it.

    would be great to get some info maybe?

    • meredith says:

      I didn't return to digital, but I'll take that as a compliment that my inks have gotten better. 😉

      As for the UK Thing, just show up! It's a small and intimate place, everyone is friendly, and it's a lot of fun. Hope to see you there!

  16. I believe professor Xavier said it best: From those who have much to give, much will be asked.